Segway Event

A proven and safe attraction for an event.

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Segway Event

If You’re looking for a timetested and safe attraction for Your event, which is always popular amongst events participants, We’d like to invite You to use our Offer.

Segways might be used for complementing classic outdoor and indoor events, flyers or sampling campaings, or promotions and special events.
Segway'e mogą służyć jako uzupełnienie klasycznych eventów outdoorowych i indoorowych, kampanii ulotkowych, samplingowych, a także jako wsparcie promocji i wydarzeń specjalnych.

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What characterizes our offer?
  • Only original Segway devices
  • Safety for both children and adults
  • Durable and resistant to all weather conditions
  • 40 Kilometers range, roughly the equivalence of 8 hours work time
  • Both indoor and outdoor attraction throughout entire year
  • Comfortable promotion and marketing tool
  • Obstacle Course included in the offer
  • Biggest fleet in Poland
  • Vehicles availible in Classic i2 version, off road (x2), and the Newest Model for the Youngest
  • Qualified Instructors (operating in both Polish and English)